RaDAR Ops – Internet chat system from the field

It is always difficult to know who is active and on what bands, frequencies and modes.

Radio communications has it’s own challenges due to propagation and this system was designed with these limitations in mind to assist in successful RaDAR to RaDAR communications. In the end of course, all communications need to take place via radio.


The chat system can be accessed on RaDAR Chat

Update – (2017-06-30)

A “RaDAR International” WhatsApp group has been created which has proved to be very successful in keeping all RaDAR operators informed. The group allows easy social media methods like sharing of applicable pictures, voice recordings and videos

This is the preferred method of arranging skeds and providing feedback. The RaDAR Chat facility now only serves as a backup to the WhatsApp facility.


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE


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