RaDAR Challenge – a sense of urgency


Again, the recent RaDAR challenge has highlighted a few important points regarding the rules of “the game”.

An extract from the RaDAR Challenge rules : (Note Pre 2017)

2. Date and Time

00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC on Saturday 2nd April, 16th July and  5th November 2016. Twenty four hours will give equal opportunity to the international community of RaDAR operators. RaDAR operators can define their own operating time schedule or remain active for the full twenty four hours which is a challenge in itself.

This is still an acceptable statement making it fair to all RaDAR operators around the globe. Previously, the challenge was a fixed four hour period which really put participants through their paces to do as many movements and make as many groups of five QSO’s possible during the four hours. Now that there are twenty four hours, that sense of urgency has disappeared.

I would like to make a suggestion that the 24 hour period remain but it’s up to each individual to plan his / her maximum, single period, four hour ops. He / she would take propagation into account with the ultimate goal of inter continental RaDAR to RaDAR communications in mind. (10 bonus points!)

Pre planning and making specific skeds beforehand is an acceptable practice. The only requirement is that the QSO take place via radio with the necessary information exchange.

I’d suggest too that the remaining two challenges for this year be practiced in this way.

Have fun!

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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