Ad Hoc Boxing day COOL search and rescue

On Christmas day a few hikers went missing between Fraserburg and Loxton. They apparently left the main gravel road in search of a more scenic route. Search and rescue teams have been brought in to walk the enitre area.

The South African Radio League was approached to assist with communications which need to take place using shortwave communications. FM UHF and VHF have proved unreliable. NVIS communications on frequencies around 7 MHz may be best according to the advice from the SARL.

It was requested that the teams scan certain areas. Hams will need to exchange their search and rescue team’s grid locations by tomorrow (2023-12-26) after 15:00 CAT and a short situation report of no more than three words. (Smartphone Apps like HamGPS are an excellent method of obtaining accurate grid locations.)

Throughout the day report your movements (Grid locator / MSG x) if you wish to make it even more fun. The COOL will display a picture of what is happening. Let’s create some DATA!

Hams identify the message by sending MSG x where x is the number of words in the message as a checksum. The received messages are to be logged in the comment field of the logging system.

All communications to be logged by the hams accompanying the search and rescue teams on The COOL at their earliest convenience for evaluation by the search and rescue control group.

This is an excercise.

CW 7.023 to 7.030

SSB 7.073 to 7.080

Hint: Use to determine virtual but real grid locations. Make it fun.

Note: End of QSO times are most accurate for logging on The COOL.


  1. My team will be called the MCSA CW OPS. Mountain Club of South Africa.
    I will be highly mobile…self sufficient. If you want to join my team let me know before we climb into the our jump suites. Make sure you have packed your compass, a 1:50.000 topo map, a whistle, a pencil which will be used as tinder to start an emergency fire, water. 73’s

  2. The majority of the hikers found their way to Loxton, appart from one missing individual named Jack. Jack happens to be a medium skill CW operator. Eddie ZS6BNE this afternoon, happened to scan through his radio, and located Jacks last known position. It is not too clear whether Jack heard ZS6BNE telling him to wait there, QSB was playing havoc. Tune in later to hear if Jack actually heard Eddie’s instructions.

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