Your first CW QSO

What an awesome step in life, a memorable moment.

If I may mention my own.

It was early in 1975, at the tender age of 16, my dad had bought me a Yaesu FLDX400 transmitter from Hamrad in Johannesburg, probably so proud of me getting my ham radio licence. He supported me for months beforehand taking me to night classes at Saint John’s College in Houghton, 35 kilometers away.

I had a second hand KW77 receiver bought from Danny ZS6AW (Then). He drove around on a Honda Goldwing.

My first response to MY CQ was a Rhodesian ham. He asked me to QSY to 7.025 MHz. That’s all I remember and fortunately could decipher it but I lost him because I didn’t really fully understand the markings on the yaesu’s analogue dial…..

The brief QSO was logged in my logbook, I still remember it had grey covers. It must lie somewhere amongst the junk I’ve accumulated in my almost fifty years of ham radio. I’d really like to find it again…..

Then all those childhood dreams went away for a while ….. taught discipline as I landed up in the signal corps as a radio operator. Message handling needed to be ACCURATE and to the point, professionally done. Is that not what WE thrive for now?

Many, many years later ……. it is a moment I will never forget, it is really, really special!

If only there was The COOL then …..

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