Summer QRP Contest and The COOL

It was an interesting contest where SSB, CW or digital modes could be used to make contacts and chasers need not to be QRP which kind of defeats the goal in my opinion …..

The exchanges were also interesting, RST LOCATOR PWR (In Watts) which fits in pretty nicely with exchange checking on The COOL.

I waited till 18:30 local time for those that have access to the COOL, submit their logs. Mike ZS6MSW quite accurately compared log submission to all having an awesome dinner around the table but when the dishes need to be washed some dissapear from sight!

The COOL Evaluator was used to produce the results.

The timeframe for the QRP Contest was dialled in ……

A general report, taking all log submissions on The COOL, was requested. These five radio amateur saw value in logging on The COOL.

The detail of the submitted logs which were taken into account for evaluation.

An evaluation of a submitted log can only be done if both stations in QSO log on The COOL.

Here the log accuracy, as in Time and Frequency, as well as the EXCHANGE accuracy are taken into account to determine the validity of the QSO. No log, no QSL …..

The final results.

Note the vast differences to logged QSO’s vs CONFIRMED contest QSO’s

This stresses the fact that it is important to log your contest QSO’s to not only gain points but to allow the other station to gain points through confirmation of the contact.

So basically, just taking the COOL Evaluator results into account the winners are as follow:

  1. Eddie ZS6BNE (By one point)
  2. A tie between Mike ZS6MSW and Ed ZS6UT
  3. Pieter V51PJ

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