The COOL membership request procedures

The COOL membership request form has been refined.

Applications are stored in a database for attention of the admin.

A clean slate, previous requests processed and removed from the “To do” list.

We’ve promoted the fact that everyone is welcome. The COOL’s loyal supporter is the The COOL CW Club but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a, “The COOL Digital Club” or a, “The COOL SSB Club”. The preferred mode gives the admin an idea how to evaluate the requests and if they are genuine. Even with 56 registrations to date how many actually USE The COOL?

We’re going to build in stats for the Registration section that eventually house keeping MUST be done. The COOL only supports COOL Active dudes not dead wood ….. There must be a cut off point. Use it or lose it but of course reapplication for membership can always be done again at any time.

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