The SARL CLUB Contests and The COOL

Were still in the phase of proving that The COOL can be very valuable in evaluating amateur radio contests.

Welcome to Woody ZS3WL and Kieth ZS6HI and thanks for uploading your contests logs to The COOL. Data is important when evaluating a system.

What many of us failed to see before doing information exchanges in the contest, were the pre defined acronyms for each club name. The acronyms make complete sense. There is a difference between LARK and LARC. Thanks to Woody for bringing this list to our attention.

However the credit goes to the clubs.

What is more important is the accuracy of the exchanges and even more so, the format of the exchange. The contest required Name Clubname Grid. No problem for the COOL. Easy to evaluate within a universal format.

Mike ZS6MSW, doing CW, sent, “INFO Mike ZS6STN KG33“. The keyword INFO was good to hear and the information was clear and logged as such. Other stations would send, “Name ABCDEF Club WXYZ Grid KGxx”. Way too much sending going on here although the message too was received clearly in the end.

What was quite concerning is that the ADIF uploader was used by Kieth ZS6HI but there was no frequency information included. The COOL relies heavily on accurate log submissions which require accurate frequencies to the nearest kilohertz. This will require further investigations why this happened and one will need to go to the source, the ADIF file.

Lessons learnt.

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