COOL Evaluation of the AWA contest

Participants that logged on The COOL

Evaluated results

COOL Evaluator results for the AWA contest today.

Note this isn’t the official result and I as admin did a little tweaking to the logs, like finer than a kilohertz frequencies rounded, exchange format not RST Name Grid, but fixed.

For those stations NOT on the COOL, their callsigns show in the logs but no confirmation log from them and therefore no points can be allocated.

It took THREE SECONDS to scan the logs and produce the graph.

Congratulations to Ludwig and Ed, they share first place. Congratulations to Helge, Kieth and Mike all sharing second place. Charles and Eddie took part but have no confirming logs and therefore cannot be evaluated.

The COOL Admin 😊👆

Imagine, Helge could have shared first place with Ludwig. He, like Charles and Eddie had to take the fall because not all logged on The COOL. Note these are scenarios, The COOL is not the measuring tool but gives an excellent indication to what transpired during the AWA contest.

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