New modifications to The Uploader

Traditionally ten character grid locators were evaluated as the exchange during RaDAR chellenges. These fields have since been used for all kinds of exchange evaluations but applicable to The COOL specifically.

Kieth, ZS6HI uses an off line logger – Log4OM.

In his ADI File I found he uses <SRX_STRING and <STX_STRING to store his exchange strings which is more in line with the ADIF standard.

If such an ADIF field is used in the future it will be routed to the grid locator fields (Alias exchange fields) in the database of The COOL.

Kieth’s test logs uploaded on my test system.

Noted the unregistered call signs on The COOL

ZS6BK and ZS4ZS are welcome to join us.

Grid locators or GPS coordinates were stored as links to or Google Maps but the exchange fields are starting to look a little different now and it makes no sense to do that anymore.

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