CW Ops 2024 Morse Code Census

Directory of ONLY active CW ops in South Africa

By Mike ZS6MSW


  1. My hearing have declined for the last few years. Using a hearing aide and struggle with reception.
    My sending is still on the go. My previous callsign in Pretoria was ZS6EGB and very active those days.

    73, Emil ZS1XB

  2. Could you please clarify the criteria used to compile this list? It seems the author’s personal preferences are influencing who gets included. Many active CW ops are conspicuously absent, raising doubts about the authenticity and motives behind this so-called ‘Directory of ONLY active CW ops in South Africa.’

    • Dear CW operator,

      You have not identified yourself but I welcome your query. If you read the posting through you will see the data was accumulated from the logs submitted by those logging on The COOL who worked other stations using CW. That is the data that was used. Sure it is not complete, YET. There is no other source for this information but it is good to see there are more CW operators in ZS than what I expected. You mention Karel ZS6WN. There are no logs that support that but in time, maybe. Karel, and yourself, please identify, is most welcome to join The COOL CW Operators Club and join in with other like minded radio amateurs and start logging / sharing QSO’s on The COOL.

      I am the modearator, developer and radio amateur, Eddie ZS6BNE.

      Note we have some unpleasant spammer / scammers that like to post their junk on websites. I’ve just deleted a few but your postings look “authentic” …..


  3. Just as I expected!

    Dear Moderator,

    It seems my previous comment challenging the authenticity of the ‘Directory of ONLY active CW ops in South Africa’ has been flagged for moderation. In the interest of transparency and the greater community, I urge you to approve the comment for posting. Addressing concerns about the fairness and accuracy of such directories is crucial for fostering trust and inclusivity within our community. Thank you.

  4. If you wish to make a comment, please leave your Name and Callsign after your comments. It’s easy to throw a negative comment without identifying yourself.

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