The COOL now has a Cabrillo download option

Well after a few hours of programming according to the Cabrillo spec, we have a Cabrillo download option. It may change in the future but usable now I think. You’d select your logs, download the Cabrillo file then just edit your details and save as your call and contest name, something descriptive .

Note the QSO: tag, spaces between fields acts as the delimiter which robots will use to parse the data ….. 👆

But, of course, if everyone logs on The COOL none of this is even necessary! The data is in the database and The Evaluator does what robots do, well to the extent of checking log accuracy (COOL) and exchange accuracy (SUPER COOL).

Still if someone wants your Cabrillo to feed his robot, send him some food 😁

Brought to you by your COOL developer, Eddie ZS6BNE

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  1. Im sure that is another query hole successfully filled and answered. Should the SARL query the COOL LOGGING SYSTEMS
    ability, in regards to Cabrilo format.

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