In some ways it’s good that the COOL meets some resistance, this shows that the foundations of the systems are 100% water tight and open to public scrutiny as to whether a contact is legit or not.

The resistance primarily comes from those, for perhaps a want of a better description, prefer hiding contacts from one another and more often than not, dishing out points for hams making an effort rather than displaying matching qso publicly. In other words, Did ham A, actually qso with ham B? We will never know.

So what do the COOL HAMS take home from all of this ?

They get Transparancy, An opportunity to upload live logs either off their cellphone or PC’s, Scepticism is done away with as results are pure and true, No waiting for organisers to tally up a secret score sheet. ( Yes score sheets are a secret, why? ) Nobody can question QSO’S logged on the COOL, no match no points.

The flipside to a badly thought through system and are quite the opposite.

Easy to cheat
Laborious calculation processors.
You might get a certificate with points added for your efforts, without proof of who made contacts with who. Benefits of the doubt Reign Supreme by contest organisers.

by Mike, ZS6MSW

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