An analogy The COOL vs The SARL Forum

Some don’t seem to understand the OPENNES of The COOL compared to other online or offline logging systems. There is a clear difference!

Take the SARL Forum for example. On the SARL page there is a view into the titles within the SARL Forum.

That gives more or less an idea of who posted on a particular topic. If you wanted to read the topic, you would need to log in.

With The COOL you would need a PIN associated with your callsign to make a log entry otherwise the detail of every log entered in to the system can be seen by anyone, anytime. It is an OPEN system!

That is the difference.


  1. There is actually a MASSIVE difference between the SARL. system and the COOL.

    The SARL system was excellent in its day, but since then better, faster, more transparent systems are now in place. It’s in the interest that the SARL adopt the COOL as soon as possible to keep up with the modern times we are living in. More hams lately are going silent key than those getting on air, so we can’t afford wasting more time, with egos and pride. The COOL are doing their utmost to make logging and contesting a lot more meaningful and fun. If the SARL are willing to mitigate the nagging of hams to send in their logs i.e. the spreadsheets via (Snail Mail = Email) by adopting the COOL, more Hams will be willing to log and come and air, we are living in an instant society where instant results are increasingly on demand. If we can fill the gap, by giving Hams the advantage of INSTANT logging, than sending a log Sheets by email it’s one thing less to bother with.

  2. Why the comparison? The SARL SA-QSL system keeps track of your WAZS status and what Cool does…. well I don’t really know or care but I know it’s fast. Not long ago someone from the “COOL” community were sobbing about how divided we are… that not exactly what you doing now? If you think you are going to interest people to become hams just because something is internet based, fast and modern you are mistaken! I work with modern communications including digital radio and fibre, I want to do something different and without any pressure when I have time for my hobby. There are a lot of different facets to ham radio, you may be having a lot of fun chasing and logging DX CW contacts at great speed now but hopefully you will still explore other avenues. I chased my DX in the late 70’s, the SFI at the time were 200+ for a few years and it was great but I am over it now. I spend more time in my shack om technical projects, experimenting and restoration than what I spend on the air….so what I enjoy it. We only have one SARL so lets make the best of it as it is at present, if you think it needs changing first test the water objectively and preferably on air by having conversations not just logging QSO’s and most important be at the AGM! I have only heard you on air once chatting on SSB to local hams…..and then you did not have a lot to say…but on the Internet you a firecracker.

  3. From my experience, forcing people to adopt a system will NOT be successful and you could do contesting more harm than good.

    Want to change the way in which ham radio is seen in SA? Get rid of the mentality that one mode is better than others. Get rid of the “band police” intimidating new hams with their “know it all” attitude. Make HAM RADIO fun and contest participation and new licensees will flourish. If people WANT to participate they will and they will most likely try to find better/more convenient ways to log contacts.

    Perhaps you should rather focus on exposure for your system rather than trying to force the system onto other hams? Why not pitch your system to online ham radio influencers on youtube or instagram or facebook? Invite them to look at what you are doing and you’ll probably get more interest in your system. Once the ball is rolling you’ll have way better success, of that I’m sure.

    But one thing is for certain, “bad-mouthing” anything (system/mode/contest etc) any forcing me to use something new that has not really proven itself in the community yet is definitely not going to win me over.

    • Hi Phillip,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m not sure what you mean by “bad mouthing” anything. That is not what we promote. Do yourself a favour and request a PIN to use the system and find out for yourself what the benefits of The COOL are.

      73’s de Eddie ZS6BNE (COOL Developer)

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