A Hamnet evaluation – Test phase

Firstly, welcome to Andrew ZS2G the moderator for the 40m Hamnet contest that took place this past weekend.

The Evaluator has been enhanced to cater for this contest evaluation as a test case.

Two test logs entered into The COOL with suitable exchanges.

Note the POWER values to determine above or below the deviding line of 50 Watts. This is how power will be displayed from now on.

The data was entered so that the log check flags are raised as well as the exchange check flags.

The Evaluator has extra options for evaluating a Hamnet contest.

Note still in test phase and some more coding needs to be done to handle areas worked for example.

An example graphical display of the “results”

The “Standard” (Log checking) result and “Advanced” (Log AND exchange checking) example.

Note the effects of the Power multiplier …..

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