Hamnet test scenario evaluation

The scenario graphically displayed.

Simulated logs entered into The COOL.

This requires ALL participants (and non-participants) to log on The COOL.

On the Evaluator select the contest timeframe.

Request an evaluation of the WHOLE contest by pressing the Submit button.

The logs within the selected timeframe are extracted from the COOL database for evaluation.

The results in table form.

The results in graphical form.


All contesters must log their QSO’s accurately, times must be within five minutes of each other.

The exchanges MUST be correcty entered in the exchange fields. RST is not taken into account.

No need to fill in any spreadsheet.

No need to mail anything to a contest administrator.

Everyone is able to use the evaluator.

All logs can be viewed on The COOL.

No log / exchange match – No point.

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  1. Hi Andrew, what do you think of the COOL ? We would like to hear from you if it’s practical and meets your needs.

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