COOL Membership requests

Of course any club would like to see their membership base grow. There wasn’t any way of becoming part of the winning team besides reading between the lines and contacting ZS6BNE via his email address mentioned on This was…

The COOL Loggers – 2023

Just before Christmas, this report was requested. It took TWO SECONDS to evaluate the result. IMAGINE how it could evaluate a contest, even the exchanges! Of course you need to log on The COOL for all the magic to happen!

The COOL PIN Allocations

To date we have 43 registered PIN’s. Discussions were made whether to regularly remove inactive users or not. For the time being, registered PIN’s will remain until further notice.

Can AI read CW

After posting a video of Mike ZS6MSW and my QSO, I asked my son, who is quite IT literate, if Artificial Intelligence can read CW. I was in two minds about the answer I may get. The video audio was,…

Five Nine nine

So what is 5NN 599 or ENN. Well they are supposed to be an RST report. This of course means nothing, it has simply become a habit. You hear it all over the bands. The COOL Logger has taken the…