The COOL – A dream come true

I was asked to make a presentation on RaDAR for the QSO Today virtual Ham Expo in 2021

Futuristic ideas built on RaDAR sport were proposed. We made it possible, like nothing else ever developed.

A friend recently commented,

Seems many don’t see that The COOL is a little DIFFERENT.

I wanted to introduce “The COOL Sprint” last year as a permanent fixture in “The blue book” and this was the response :


Thank you for the swift and detailed response.

I raised your suggestion of including the COOL sprint into the SARL Contest Manual with the Contest Committee last night.

The committee’s decision was that SARL w/could place an announcement to its members announcing your contest on a date that you select next year.  Discussions as to potential 2025 Blue Book inclusion could occur thereafter.

As far as potential blue book inclusion, the following are the requirements that the committee has set:

  • The contest must have a sponsor RA club
  • The contest must not be dependant on a single person for its continued survival
  • There must be a demonstrated potential of RAs participating

Thank you for your interest in promoting on air RA activity.



What more can we do to demontrate that The COOL is a valuable tool to enhance amateur radio as we see it today?

One comment

  1. I will be a sponsor if thats what they are looking for. As far as demonstrate potential is concerned, get a pin and look at the current people logging. Clearly they didn’t bother to see this. On what grounds are they making these claims without even taking part in the cool.

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